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Run voluntary by ex police experts in driving and road safety to unite UK's 30 million drivers, to achieve the best road safety without their exploitation, profit from their prosecution, to oppose jail sentences for pure accidents, and to lobby for better roads and less congestion.


                                  As opposed to Registered, we are a true charity.


Members: National Council for Voluntary Organisations

The Drivers' Union is now Inactive
Welcome to Drivers' Union​!

Without all of us drivers the economy would collapse over-night so shouldn't we be treated with more consideration and appreciation than we are?


The State at the moment listens more to shrill anti driver lobby groups than its hard pressed 32 million drivers.


Charities, who are no more than green anti car lobby groups and others who are shamelessly promoting public transport, are pretending to be road safety experts and even advising parliament as such too.


How can any group that has no experts and yet among its members include camera manufacturers, ACPO ltd, Insurance companies and so on, all with financial vested interests, possibly advise Parliament and MPs on road safety as they do?


We are unique on how the driver is best represented most effectively. We know that with genuine, expert, not for profit road safety policy, drivers would be much better off too.


In these pages you will get a better idea of all the things that are wrong for drivers and road safety policy but when Fixed Penalty fines for GBH and theft are lower than driver fines, when driver taxes are in excess of £50,billion a year and many billions more for an aggressive Road Safety Industry which prevents very few accidents for that money yet creates thousands of offenders of perfectly safe drivers, then something is seriously wrong somewhere.


Drivers must be more assertive and united to get the treatment and road safety they deserve. 


You are all automatic members if you drive and membership is free. If you want to record your membership please send details, name & address to us: Here.


We will not disclose your details to a third party. Only occasionally we will send you updates of activity.


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The group that put road safety & UK drivers first is now inactive. Please still use this site for research

     Basic & fundamental pespective.

Know this and apply it to all policy proposals.


After 300 billion UK driver miles a year,there's less death on the roads from all causes, than from acidents in the home, five times less than NHS failure and about 37 times less than from smoking.


Are only road deaths important? Of course not. But all the focus on roads and drivers seems to indicate that only road death matters. Could this be because there is massive profit to be made from road safety but not so in the kitchen?


We have managed to make the link with policy and profit and the evidence is in these pages.


But when policy is written by profiteers or inexpert ideologists, road safety is the casualty and people die. 



Here's a start: